Cabin Fever

Experience a lonely cabin in the woods where things that appear normal are most certainly not. Items appear and disappear, and rooms change when you're not looking at them. Use your wits to solve puzzles in order to unravel the mystery. Cabin Fever is a classic point n' click game where the main emphasis of gameplay revolves around picking up and combining items. Doing so unlocks new items and brings you closer to your goal. Instructions on how to play can be found inside the game and below.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Coding language: C# | Art: Photoshop | Audio: Audacity, Guitar Pro 5 | Communication: Google Docs | File sharing: TortoiseSVN
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How to play:

Left click on the floor: Moves character to destination.
Right click: Moves over and examines an object.
Left click on an object: Picks the object up.
Mouse wheel up /down, box icon: Opens/closes inventory.
Spacebar: Highlights all interactive objects.
Esc key or the Red X at the top of the screen: Closes the game.


Lead programmer: Tapio pyrhönen

Additional programmers: Markku "Jeesus" Surakka, Mikko "Mikko Raussi" Raussi

Environment and Assets: Eda Brasileño-Hatanpää

Character Design, Environment: Emmi Rukkila

Project Manager, Assets: Sirja Lyömiö

Soundmaster: Martin "Kona" Kontinen

Scriptwriter: Mathias Schulze, Mika "Turska" Turkia

Voice actor/Narrator/Staff Manager: Mika "Turska" Turkia

Playtesting: Tero Vilkki, Eino Väisänen, Olli Vainionpää

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