A character. A bunny. A creepy song. An asylum with classy bookshelves and beds. What do we do now? In this absurd "survival" game, 4-players will have to agree how to control the character before any progress can be made; the majority of players must agree on the direction to move or the objective will be out of reach. Catch the bunny. Then what do you do?
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
MonoGame to develop, Aseprite and Photoshop CS6 to do the art.
Installation Instructions: 

Launch the setup.exe within Bun.release and install to your machine. After that, launch the application.


Anne Woolman - Art, Design

Apinya Pantages - Art, Design

Keith Tarrant - Developer, Design

Matt Pirtle - Developer, Design

Kat Donegan - Developer, Design

James Riley - Design, Minor Developer

Billy Casey - Sound

Kayla Martin - Sound, Design, Play Tester

Game Stills: 
Source files: