You are to help someone who seems to have given up for a darker reason. Outside their world, you have powers to change feelings, memories and reality using... unusual methods for a vieogame. Don't try to hack things, it'll work. #novel #puzzle
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Clueless Parents
This is How it Feels
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Don't trust your antivirus. Our input methods quit normality, but we assure no hard disk was harmed or invaded during the making of this game.
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Unzip the folder and double click Bother.exe


*credits screen*

Clayton Nunes
Felipe Moura
Ricardo Figueiredo
Rodrigo Mello
Thales Alex

Sound is courtesy of
Diego de Sousa
Thiago de Albuquerque

Character based on concepts by
Lehi Henrique
Pedro Ferreira


This game is the result of a 48 consecutive hours of jamming, as a part of Global Game Jam 2015. Special thanks given to International Game Developers Association, for supporting us and feeding us more pizza than we could eat.
Recife | 25-January-2015

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