Blackout Menace

Imagine a complete blackout in an underground facility a civilization called it's home for centuries now. The world turned pitch black. What do we do now is the question everyone is asking? Two brave players set out on a quest to return light to their world. Equipped only with a kid's multicolored flashlight they advance from level to level by solving color theory themed puzzles together in cooperation. Info: The uploaded game is more or less a prove of concept. We hadn't had the time to create a level. The Flashlights are point lights instead of cones. That is due to us not implementing the flashlights properly by now. We will keep developing that game. If you want to contribute, check: Keywords: 2 player, 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer, color theory, additive color mixing
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Game engine: Phaser (
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Well,  there is none yet. We haven't had time to implement any of this. You can try to jump over the gap onto the next platform. If you miss the platform you end up in the abyss and loose the ability to jump, basicaly the game is over, but you can still change the colors and walk a little :D

In the case press Enter to restart the game.


  • Player 1
    • Movement
      • WASD
    • Changing the Color
      • H: Red
      • J: Green
      • K: Blue
      • L : White
  • Player 2
    • Movement
      • Arrow Keys
    • Changing the Color
      • NumPad 1: Red
      • NumPad 2: Green
      • NumPad 3: Blue
      • NumPad 0: White
  • Miscellaneous
    • Starting the Game form the Start Screen
      • The Any Key
    • Restarting the Game
      • Enter

Phaser Game Engine

Code: despairblue (, James Alias (

Spites, Image: Costa Martini, James Alias

Music: Céderic (Axl Otl @ adope)


Source files: