Beet 'Em Up

Beet 'Em Up is a beetroot farming simulator.... well, it might have been but it's actually a musical puzzle game. By placing portals in the farmer's field you guide a travelling "doodad", hitting the beets to create a beat. You complete the level by figuring out how to play the musical beat using only the vegetable beets and spacetime portals provided. Touch the light blue left most portal button to create the entry portal. Touch anywhere in the field to place the entry portal. Touch again to place the exit portal somewhere else. There are three kinds of portal exits: one that speeds time up, one that sets time back to normal and one that slows time down. You'll need to use these in later fields. Touch a beet in the field to hear what it sounds like. Touch the question mark to hear the musical beat sequence again. Touching the bin clears all portals from the field. Touching the "X" button lets you choose a portal to be removed. Finally, press play to release the travelling doodad and hear your beets! Have fun and thanks for playing. Bug note: if the screen goes blank you'll have to restart the game, not enough time to fix this!
Jam year: 
Android device
Technology Notes: 
Uses Android Java SDK with OpenGL ES 1.0, no further dependencies. Should work with any Android device >= v4.1. Uses touch screen, sound and graphics. Engine was exhumed from the cadaver of a previous project which was created from scratch at the time (in approx. 5 hours). Developed and tested on a Nexus 7 2013 edition (7" screen).
Installation Instructions: 

Download the APK to your Android device and away you go!

To build the project, import into Eclipse or Android Studio, make sure you've got the latest standard Android SDK build tools (v21) and it should build fine.



Simon Kenny, Michael Sherry


Eoin Butler Thornton


Darren Kearney

Alan Kinsella

Special Thanks

Pulse College

Global Game Jam

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