Bank Heist Test

The plan for the game was to create the games start with a separate premise than the rest of the game. We had the idea based around the idea of a bank heist and that the tutorial for the game had you playing as the getaway driver. This opening section of the game would teach you the core mechanics, while deceiving the player on to the object of the game. The tutorial would have the player in the car, there would be a short cut scene in which the player is told to drop of the partners and drive around the city so that they can learn how to get from the bank to the final drop off point which is a boat on the river. You get to told how to drive and how to drop off / pick up. once the player arrives back at the bank the game changes. one of the people you dropped off runs outside holding the money. The car drives off and you take control of the character that has just ran out of the building. Once the character controller switches to the the bank robber the game changes to become about navigating the streets and remembering how to navigate the city and get to the boat, while avoiding the police officers. The mechanics of this section are the same as before, walk and pick up and drop off bag. using the same controls as the start. When the player holds the bag the police officers find him follow him and shoot at him. when the player does not have the bag the police do not fire upon him. The player can only drop the money into trash cans as a hiding spot for it. The reason for dropping the money is that you don't have a map to help you find your way to the end point. but by dropping the money the player can freely go and use information boards to see a view of the map and see where your player is allowing you to re-adjust you plan to reach the boat. We think this fits the theme because of the deception at the start and by making the player play a different concept of the game that when it switches the player might not know what to do next as we do not tell them that they still need to get to the extraction point.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Extract testbuild.exe and testbuild_data into the same folder and run


Created by Rock Hard Software

AI Programing George Aylott

Gameplay Programing Alex Bristow Lewis Tremaine

UI Programing James Davidson Matt Moore

Programing James Davidson Matt Moore 

Designer Alex Bristow Lewis Tremaine

Enviromental Designer Alex Groves

Lead Graphics Producer David Gallagher

Graphics Producer Alex Groves Sam Robinson 

Enemy Design Geroge Aylott 

Sound Engineer David Gallagher

QA Testing Sam Robinson

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