Bad Times

A game developed by Hobo Studios. When faced with the question "What do we do now?" we tried to think, not of the answer to the question but rather of what makes a man ask it in the first place. The result, in essence, is our game. You're playing as yourself. You've lost everything. The wife left with the kids, your house and all you own have gone up in flames, you were fired from your job... In other words, the world has collapsed on you, and now you have to make due. In the game you'll have to find food, a place to sleep and ways to keep your mood up. Winter is coming and you have to make sure to survive life on the street, at least for now. Depression haunts you in every corner, food is expensive or spoiled and people don't like your hobo face one little bit. So the question is... What will you do now? (We didn't finish the game... But we made something!)
Jam year: 
This is How it Feels
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Yonatan Tepperberg
Ray Johnson
Alon Shalom
Yonatan Spira
Dolev Shaul

We would like to thank everyone who helped making this game (the first for some of us!) and providing feedback:

2nd year students @ Tiltan College
Yael Maritz
Tiltan College