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Developer's Warning: In just a few seconds of the game, a "boss" might appear straight up next to you, and the game ends before you even get used with the controls. Games nowadays, if not all, are spoon fed compare to the games we had before (At least in my opinion.). What if the current generation of games today (game characters or protagonist) were to be brought back to the 8-bit era of the past. They'll be asking themselves: "What do we do now?". (the theme for this years game jam.) Play a series of classic 8-bit style mini games. (Honestly "Flappy Hunt" is the only working game. So I would definitely suggest picking it.) This is the old Nintendo for you. Make use out of all the buttons stated in the controls. As soon as you push start, there will be no instructions for you or it might spoil the concept of the game, you just have to figure it out. (You can me PM though and I'll tell you the secret if you haven't realize it yet or if you really want to spoil yourself and beat the game.) Hint: Take the boss "literally". (as in "literally")
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Intructions to install the game on Windows:

1. Extract the zip file

2. Open the folder

3. Run the installer application

4. Play & enjoy



Game Designer / Programmer - Derrick R. Ponay





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