Aster Koifé ?

Aster Koifé is the creole translation for "What do we do now ?". Incarnate a group 2-4 players, take the decisions that will impact the last EPIC battle. EVERY decision has an important role for you to survive the boss. Craft the Pistolapin (RabbitPistol), the JetPoulpe (Squid-o-Jet) and face your destiny in a GREAT Gun fight against a GIANT !
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Unreal projects sources are up to 6 Go, there's no way anyone could upload this in your ftp. We tried your anonymous FTP that did not work for our EXE. You will find the game in our FTP.

Loic, Sebastien, Clovis, Christophe

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