Arcane Rage

Who said wizards can't fight? Get ready for the most awesome, magical duel arena of all time. Potions sold separately. Two wizards begin the duel with wands that possess unknown powers. Be the fastest, be the most powerful, try to conquer your enemy. Get the gem you see on-screen to change your opponent's power to improve the odds in your favour and sabotage the other wizard. Every time you get hit, you lose one life. Defeat your opponent 15 times to win!
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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The game comes in .swf file. You will need Flash Player to execute. Otherwise, click and drag to any browser to play.


Team [Arcane Rage]


Matías Sniadower, 098473799, [email protected]

Joaquín Guelfi, 098526374, [email protected]

Natushka Agüero, 099347830, [email protected]

Manuel De Armas, [email protected]



Joaquín Bello, 099087568, [email protected]

Gonzalo Vittori, 099594648, [email protected]

Joaquín Cardozo, 091038345, [email protected]


Game Design

Federico Franco, 093326323, [email protected]



Pex, 091047097, [email protected]


Sound & Music

Santiago Ramos, 094787391, [email protected]


Special thanks

Mariana Steffen

Rodrigo Cenoz

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