You are an angry mob, you're riled up about something that's really gotten to the lot of you, and you all have a lot of anger. You march down to the Mayor's office in town and demand a change to this irritating thing. The Mayor, without hesitation just says "Yeah sure", which completely catches the whole lot of you off guard. You were all expecting a huge debate with the Mayor and you've got to vent all this rage somehow. "So what do we do now?" Someone shouts from the crowd, and your spree of petty anarchy begins. You could be holding up traffic, stealing wigs from the barber shop, or mowing peoples' lawns unevenly . A tiny island is yours to spread your petty anarchism. If you don't have an xbox controller, you can move with WASD, shoot with arrow keys and start the game by pressing enter twice. The xbox controls don't work on the main menu. The game WILL crash if you die, so just alt+f4. You probably shouldn't walk off the island unless you don't intend on returning. Some objectives require you to button mash or hold A, but we didn't have time to do that UI stuff. Those missions are; shout at the town hall (button mash), knock and run (knock 3 times), paint art over graffiti (hold A), mow peoples' lawns unevenly (hold A and move in the area). The game might have massive lagspikes sometimes, but it should fix itself.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Photoshop CC2014, 3DS MAX 2015, Audacity,
Installation Instructions: 

Unpack .zip folder.

Double click .exe file.

Hope it works.



Tristan Bampton

Alex Carter

Scott Davis

Oliver Thauerer

Art Assets

Fredi Walker

Source files: