After all it's just sheep

Requires 4 shepherds, each with controller. In After all mehhh it's just sheep meeeehhh, you help the mmmmehh sheep surv -meeehhhh- shut up goddamnit!1!!. Control the flock and save the sheep. meehhh. Move to the mehhh target points mehhh and mehhh mehh mehhhh mmmeeehhhh mmmmmmeehehhhehhhh mmmmmmmmmmeeeehhhh. Play as THE BEAR, killing everything mmehhh in your way, THE OLD mehhhh CARING MAN, picking up your mehhh darlings, THE KID mehhh, using a rope to control the flock, THE DOG(S), woof woof, or THE RABBIT. Super mehhh!
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
Tech by Ludomotion.
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Install mehhhhh XNA Redist. (gooogle mehhhh for it)
  2. Install the game using 'setup.exe' (might need to allow it to run, it's not signed with Meehhcrosoft certificate).
  3. Play:
  • Four XboX controllers.
  • Use left joystick to walk with current character.
  • Press A for action of current character.
  • Press shoulder buttons to switch through characters.
  • Goal: get to the green patches with as many sheep as possible.
  • See description for the different actions of the characters.

Joris Dormans - Code

Koen Bollen - Code

Hendrik Visser - Art

Adriaan de Jongh - Code / Sounds

Game Stills: