The Adventures of Benjamin Bighat and his companion Colonel Thunderbelly

One day, Benjamin Bighat woke up finding himself and his cute dog Colonel Thunderbelly lost in a dark maze. To escape it, he has to solve some riddles. But wait, something seems wrong here. You're going to find that out soon. How to play: Navigate Benjamin Bighat using the W/A/S/D keys. To switch to Colonel Thunderbelly press J. Your little companion can prevent you from getting lost: when you are playing Colonel Thunderbelly press K to place some dogpoo... just for orientation. To interact with the NPCs use Space. There is a map of the maze, ready for print out. Believe me, you will get lost anyway (:
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Marvin Käding

Hannah Kümmel

Valentin Puls

Stephanie Sebald

Ilona Treml

Laura Zäh