30 Seconds.

VR android game using Google Cardboard. Shooting/Puzzle game in space! The character starts at Mars are constantly randomly teleports to different worlds within 30 seconds. The character is suppose to figure out what they are meant to do, and what is going on to them right now (they're being teleported and need to complete objectives in the worlds so they won't teleport there anymore). So every time the player go to a different world, the player gotta figure out what to do now in that world. The entire game is in virtual reality using the android phone and google cardboard. Complete puzzles and shoot down enemies in space and the other worlds.
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Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
VR using Google Cardboard. Built in Unity3D. Models built w/ Blender. Developed for Android, tested on Lollipop.
Installation Instructions: 

Install. Put on Google Cardboard. Plug in X-Box controller. Play!


Louis Orleans: Did everything. Carry pants.

Michelle Tjoa: Modeling.

Anon95883: Programming. What is blender.

Juston Lin: Modeling and story writing.

Matthew Corrente: Made magic from keyboard.

Calvin Tham: Programming and modeling.

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