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It's our band's first gig, we've only got two songs and everyone's out of practice! But the crowd is waiting and there's no turning back - what do we do now?! Minus One Man Band is a fast-paced game where you do your best to maintain your band on stage, wrestle down angry hecklers and keep the sound groovy. And who knows, your band might even earn a buck or two - you sellouts! Touch screen recommended.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Construct 2, Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Guitar PRO
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Construct 2 game


Works on most browsers (Chrome and Firefox tested).


Producer: Sami Repo
Composer & One Man Band: Ossi Välimäki
Programmer: Mikko Laitinen
Character Art & Design: Josianne Konttinen
Set Design & Choreography: Pessi Hirvonen

Special Thanks and Feelings
Backup Mikko

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