University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles

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Friday, 5PM-midnight; Saturday 10AM - midnight; Sunday, 10AM - 8PM
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The Los Angeles GGJ site is being run by USC's Makers of Entertaining Games Association (MEGA), the IGDA LA, and Activision. We want the Global Game Jam to be as amazing as possible, so here's some helpful info.  If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail [email protected] - all of the organizers on the USC side can check that address, so that's how you're likely to get the fastest response.


We will be jamming in the brand-new-this-year Interactive Media building at USC.  The address is 3470 McClintock Ave., but if you're having trouble finding that on Google Maps or whatever other GPS service you're using, you will find the building on the corner of McClintock Ave. & W. 34th St.  To enter the building, you must go to the entrance inside of the cinema school complex's gates (there will be signs directing you to the correct entrance).

Parking & Getting Onto Campus

Unfortunately, there is a lot of construction happening around USC right now, which means that available parking is limited.  We highly encourage the use of public transportation: the Metro's Expo Line train has a stop just down Jefferson Boulevard from the jam, the Jefferson/USC station.  If you aren't taking public transportation, limited parking is available on campus: enter USC's campus at the corner of Jefferson Blvd. and McClintock Ave., and you can pay $10 per day to park in a structure on campus, provided there are spots available.  There is also metered parking along Jefferson Blvd. and McClintock Ave.  If you are not a student, you will still be allowed to enter campus.  However, if you think you might be entering campus after 9 PM on any given day, please contact us so that we can have a student put you on the "guest list" to get into campus.  You will need a state ID with you to enter campus after 9 PM.


5 PM - introduction/keynote (we will be starting exactly at 5, so please arrive earlier if possible)
6 PM - tutorials in both Unity and GameMaker, thanks to our partners at IGDA LA
11:50 PM - clean up, to close down the building by midnight
10 AM - building and lab spaces open up again
5 PM - deadline to register any game(s) you're working on to be eligible to win prizes
11:50 PM - clean up, to close down the building by midnight
10 AM - building and lab spaces open up again
3 PM - development finishes, begin uploading games
4 PM - peer games showcase: go around and play all of the other awesome games!
5 PM - our fantastic judges (gathered together thanks to both Activision and the IGDA) will begin walking around, playing each game
7 PM - awards are announced, prizes distributed


Our jam location has Internet access with no password required, and plenty of power outlets for everyone.  We do have a limited number of computers available for use as well, but if you have your own computer, it would be much more preferable for you to bring that.


Food is allowed only in certain parts of our jam space.  We will be providing dinner after the kickoff, as well as other food throughout the weekend, thanks to our generous partners at Activision!  There is also plenty of access to food nearby, along Jefferson Boulevard and Figueroa Street.

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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