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Open for entire 48 hours
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Doors will open at 6pm on Friday, where we'll show the jam keynote and help people get in to teams. We hope to start jamming by 7pm on Friday, and have everyone finish by 5pm on Sunday!



Parking is free on weekends and after 11 p.m., but this means that, during the first few hours on Friday night, you will need to use a meter, get a short term parking permit, or take a shuttle/bus from off-campus. 

Parking permits can be purchased from Hopkins Parking Structure (corner of Voigt Dr. and Hopkins Dr.) on any floor. A 5-hour parking ticket should run about $6 or $7. 

Once you have one, feel free to park in any B space in parking lot P502, or any A space in that lot after 5:30pm. This is the closest lot to the jam site. We will be in the basement labs of the Computer Science and Engineering building, which is building 602 on the map below.

Shuttle Buses

The campus loop runs roughly every 10 minutes, and other shuttles can bring you in from off-campus.

Campus map

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Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
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Windows PCs, power outlets, internet connections
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