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We’re super excited to announce that award winning game developer Zoe Quinn will join us for Global Game Jam January 24-26 2014. With the help of our friends at VCU, Zoe will be with us for the duration of Global Game Jam to share her experiences working as a game dev, and act as an artist in residence for the weekend.

Zoe Quinn is an award winning game developer, artist and writer based in Boston, MA. Her innovative game Depression Quest, an interactive (non)fiction game where you play as someone living with depression, was an Official IndieCadeselection. It has won numerous awards in the game industry as well as applause from many mental health advocates.  Depression Quest is the first Twine game to ever be featured on Steam Greenlight and was originally released on a “pay-what-you-want”  system.

Quinn is also

  • A co-founder of Dames Making Games
  • The creator of the Game Developer Help List
  • Writer and contributor at Kotaku
  • Founder and curator of Tidbytes
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