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The second floor of Little Hall will host the Boston Global Game Jam (GGJ).


We Want You to Innovate!

We encourage participants at this GGJ site to be creative. Teams can innovate by thinking of new game mechanisms or by using themes or topics that haven’t been used in games. In our opinion the GGJ offers a great opportunity to experiment and to deliver short but wonderful game experiences. You want to capture players with something new and revealing in the short amount of gameplay time. That happens with something innovative. To help facilitate this innovation, we will brainstorm about possible innovative approaches on Friday evening. In addition, our senior class will be available to brainstorm with you. 


Where Will the Magic Happen?

The magic will happen at Little Hall at NHTI – Concord's Community College, a state-of-the-art facility specifically made for computer science and engineering. It is a collaborative learning facility made up of a number of group work areas and high-power computer workstations. Little Hall provides access to professional-grade hardware and software. The Unreal Development Kit, Unity, Flash, Microsoft studios and much more are available to all. PC workstations provide high-power computing to deliver seamless media production, modeling, data analysis, and more. There is a grid of power outlets so users are never far from an outlet to power their laptops, mobile devices, you name it. Flexible seating and movable couches.


What Should I Bring?

Although the Little Hall has computers available, we highly encourage participants to bring their own laptop. This is because some of the group spaces don’t have computers and you may decide with your group to work there.


Who Can Attend?

Anyone with an interest in designing games can attend. You don’t need to have experience in designing a game before and you don’t need to have programming skills. In designing a game various assets and skills are needed other than programming: writing, art, sound, and game design. Teams need a mix of people with various backgrounds and while forming the teams we will make sure teams are balanced. The site has a maximum of 50 participants.



The event will run from Friday, January 24th at 6pm until Sunday, January 26th at 8pm. Participants will need to attend the entire duration of this event. The GGJ is a 3-day event, but the site will closed for security reasons for non-Northeastern affiliated students/faculty/staff at midnight. The DMC is open 24 hours for Northeastern affiliated students/faculty/staff. The complete schedule is as follows:

Friday January 24th

16.00-18.00: Introduction

18.00-20.00: Group Forming and Social “Get to Know Each Other” exercises

20.00-21.00: Brainstorming

21.00-22.00: Pitching and critique

24.00: Go home (unless you want to stay overnight, many do) Saturday January 25th

08.00-9.00: Eat

11:00: Deadline to create user profile and game page

24.00: Go home (unless, again, you just don't want to) Sunday January 26th

08.00-9.00: Eat

15.00: Deadline for handing in the games

16.30-19.00: Presentations


Food & Drinks

In the vicinity of the location many varied options are available for food/coffee and other needs. Market Basket, Pizza Market, Panera, Hanafords, Shaws, Einstein Bagles, and Boloco are ALL within easy walking distance of the campus. Ask around and someone might even be willing to give you a ride (it's common courtesy to tip your driver with gas money, food or drinks)!



We encourage participants to take public transportation. Parking is available nearby.


Contact Information

Arielle Van De Water, student at NHTI in the Animation and Graphic Game Programming Department is the organizer of this event. You can contact her with questions by e-mail ([email protected]).You can contact Arielle with questions regarding cancellations or any other concerns you may have about the event. Please add “GGJ 2014” to your header so I know it's not spam!

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Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
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Computers are available.
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