The MADE (Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment)

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Hi there! My name is Jonard and I am the GGJ organizer for The MADE. You can tweet me @NotJoOrdinary and you can call me Jo. 


***To participate in this venue/event, you MUST individually sign up for an account with There are no team accounts.***



There will be empty workspaces with power strips and extension cords but feel free to bring your own. The space is limited to 20 or so people.

Parking is free after 6pm and Sunday. I would recommend taking BART if you plan on staying overnight. It is very close by! The nearest station is the 12th st. stationExit from the station at 14th st. towards Frank Ogawa Plaza. Walk passed the Statues and Police Station towards I.B's Cheesesteaks & Hoagies and turn left on 16th. (Approx. 5 mins)

There are some restaurants nearby (walking distance) and a really good Taqueria that is open late. There are fast food places that are a few minutes away by car. Ike's Sandwiches is also really close by! Ideally, there will be drinks and snacks provided but this is tentative so please do not count on it. 



The space will be hosting overnight for the whole 48 hours, that being said, no one will be able to re-enter the facility if you leave between the hours of 9pm-7am. There are bathrooms onsite but no showers.

To enter, dial #0230 and someone will buzz you in through the intercom. 

Upon receiving the GGJ Theme (@ 5pm PST) we ask that you maintain a Media Blackout until all participating timezones of GGJ have been revealed the theme. That means NO tweets, vine's, instagrams, FB statuses, etc. of the theme until 7pm PST. (2hrs till Hawaii gets the theme) 

You will be asked to fill out liability forms onsite. More instructions will be provided prior to the jam.

Please respect the space and museum exhibits. Enjoy yourself and let's make some great games! 


-nsomniart Jo

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