You Paint Nothing Here!

A multiplayer platforms racing game. You must be the first brush to paint the canvas. But you can only see the white objects and the ones that have the same color as you. When you move, you will leave paint trails on the platforms you touch. But other players will also leave trails that you can see! Take advantage of these hints to be the winner!
Jam year: 
Can You Come And Play?
Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
You need SFML 2.1 installed to run this game. More info at You need the latest drivers for your graphics card, the engine uses OpenGL 4.2
Installation Instructions: 



Game made by Oscar Argudo, Nicolás Delgado, Arnau Farràs, Dario Nieuwenhuis and Daniel Torramilans
for the Global Game Jam 2014.
It is made on VBE, an engine and tools made by Dario Nieuwenhuis and Daniel Torramilans. See more about this
engine and other projects with this engine on
Code for this game in particular can be seen at


To host a game

1 - Enter the "data" folder
2 - Open config.ini
    - The first line will be the number of players in this game.
      The perfect number is 3 (game is thought for 3), but you can any number.
    - The second line is the SERVER IP, which the server will tell you when run.
      All players that want to play this game must have this IP in their config.ini.
    - The third line is the GAME MAP
      All players that want to play this game must have this map in their config.ini,
      and also must have the map inside data/maps.
3 - Run the server WITH THE SCRIPT through A CONSOLE, make sure you can execute it (permissions).
      to execute it on bash, enter your directory on console and execute "./"
4 - See what IP it outputs and write it down.
5 - Give the IP to all the players so they can put it in their config.ini

To join a game

1 - Enter the "data" folder
2 - Open config.ini and put the number of players, IP and map (line 1, line 2, line 3)
    that the server host tells you. Example config.ini:


    In this game, you will connect to a game of 3 players on in a server 
    with IP (local)
3 - Run the executable "GGJ" directly after setting the configs, make sure you can execute it (permissions).

To create levels

Try playing the game with this map:
It has every single kind of block in it. If you open up the map file (inside data/maps) you will see how it is written.
The map is represented as a matrix of MxN blocks (it can be as big as you like) where every line represents a row of blocks in the map.
The file must be ended by an extra charanter '%'.
REMEMBER: Every line must have the same length and you must use spaces instead of tabs. If lines are not the same length it 
won't work. You can check out the default maps for examples.


Credits to Oscar Argudo, Dario Nieuwenhuis, Arnau Farràs, Nicolás Delgado, Daniel Torramilans for the code, music and assets.



Oscar Argudo

Nicolás Delgado

Dario Nieuwenhuis

Dani Torramilans



Nicolás Delgado


3D/2D Art:

Arnau Farràs


Engine (VBE):

Dario Nieuwenhuis

Daniel Torramilans


More about the engine on

Game Stills: