WYSIWYA - What you see is who you are

"What you see is who you are" is a black and white love story. Two lovers lost in their dreams, depending on one another to find their way back. Their dreams are connected through the player, who is the nexus that guides them and can use their individual perspectives to help each other . . . or to keep them apart forever. One lover is trapped into a Dark Dream while the other is in a Light Dream. Both dreams are the same, but each lover has a different perspective. One lover may see a tiny object that can be moved where the other lover sees a big, heavy obstacle that can be climbed. Everything is a matter of perspective and color, and the player is the one in control. HOW-TO PLAY: "What you see is who you are" is a puzzle-platformer. The player can change at anytime between the Dark Dream and the Light Dream using the Left Shift and the Right Shift keys. The lovers can move left and right, jump on top of crates and platforms, and push small boxes. Each lover has to find the object that ends the dream, which is either an apple or a poison bottle. CONTROLS: Cursor keys move the active character left & right and jump; Left Shift warps to Dark Dream; Right Shift warps to Light Dream.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)

Gustavo Aranda


Jose Fabregat

Alex Frasquet

Jorge Gorbe

Juanje Gregori


Ben Houge

Astrid Mayor

Juan Verdu