White is on your Mind?

White is on your Mind is a 2D platform game, created with C++ and Allegro library. The main character is a little kid that is not able to see the world in the same way as everyone else. Everything looks like a white blob with the contour of the objects, and he cannot realize what most of the stuff in his World look like. Our little hero want to see the World properly, and in order to do that he will help his neighbours and be helped by them as well. Controls: ENTER -> Start Game ESC - > Exit Game(Title Screen , Game Screen, EXIT Screen) ARROW KEYS -> Control the main character (UP Key = JUMP) Q and W -> Switch the selected item from inventory E -> Action / Talk ATTENTION: The game is not finished!! (it is missing sounds and most of the quests, but you can walk around the map and test the gameplay already.)
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Back to the 1885
MS Windows
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The game was created with C++ and Allegro Library. Tiles and sprites were made with Gimp , GraphicsGale and Mappy.
Installation Instructions: 

The zip file contains all files being used by my project on Visual Studio.

You can create your own project and past the files inside the project's folder. Remember, though , to make your project compatible with Allegro library.

Access www.allegro.cc website for instructions on how to use it.

There is also a Windows Installer that will let you choose in which Directory the game will be installed.



Joao Cicero Ferreira Junior - Concept , Game Design, Programmer ,  Art (Tiles , Srites , Items and Background)

Lucas Marcellus Barbosa Ferreira - Concept, Game Design

Ricardo Araujo Ferreira - Art (Title Screen)

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