What does the KING say?

A game about making speeches. In this game you must select through various random phrases to form a speech and rally your troops to the heat of battle. Depending on your dialogue choices, the way your army percieves you will change. ------------------------------------------- Hello and welcome to "What Does The KING Say?" In this game you are a King that have to make a speech to rally your troops into battle. How does the game idea conects to the ggk theme? The game is about the confidence that your troops have in their king. And you have to build and earn it. Depending on your choices during speech your soldiers are goingo to percieve you as a diferent leader, that could be agressive, defensive or strategic. How does that affect the gameplay? Your enemy in battle is going to have a profile that tends to one of the three categories (agressive, defensive or strategic), that is going to be showed to the player before the match. You, as the king, will have to build a speech that wins over the enemy profile, like a game of "rock, paper, scissors" - aggro beats defense, defense beats strategy and strategy beeats aggro. If you chose your words wisely, your troops will signal their trust in you, otherwise, they will disapprove. Have fun. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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