What Do ∪ See, Bro?

Two (potato) brothers face the twisted land of floating dirt isles. Each is blind in their own way. And also one is a psychopath. To start the game, press "host" one one computer and choose a name for the server. Then press "join" on another computer, and choose that server. Keys: - Direct with A and S - Rotate camera with K and L - Jump with Space If you have axe: - D to swap characters with your friend. - J to swing the axe. Objective: If(hasAxe)killStuff(); else collectBlueBalls();
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Also GIMP 2.7.

Lead programmer: Ville Salo

Additional programming: Joni Uitto

Graphics: Joni Uitto

Original idea: Ville Salo

Design: Ville Salo

Additional design: Joni Uitto

Voice acting: Joni Uitto

Music: Ville Salo

Credits: Joni Uitto

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