The Walk of Life

The Walk of Life - “A game about moving on with your life by adapting to everyday challenges.” The goal is simple: To move on with your life. Sometimes though, your ability to do so depends on how you feel when a situation occurs: Are you fit to handle it? Can you ignore it? Should you adapt to it? Other times, life plays weird games on you and your own fate could be linked to someone else's. You could even decide that the best way to move forward is to move in a totally different direction from the one you've been taking so far. So grab your friends and see who can handle his life the best..!
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Can You Come And Play?
Back to the 1885
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Athina Chra ( [email protected] ) Card and Plate Design & Illustration.

Konstantinos Vasileiadis ( [email protected] ) Game Design ( Mechanics, Cards, Rules) as well as wood cutting & drilling..!

Kostas Visvinis ( [email protected] ) Game Design ( Mechanics, Cards, Rules) as well as concept art..!

Special thanks to all our beloved testers <3 Also to Elli T. for her Stencil skills, moral support and homemade pie :) Couldn't have made it without you guys..!

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