TrueToyZ (Oculus rift game)

You are a child who play with his toys. Suddenly, you can enter imaginary world and live your toy's life. An immersive video game using Oculus Rift where imagination mingles reality. Place your toy where you want and personify it in order to defend yourself against enemies. Prepare to live an exciting experience where you travel between reality and imagination.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Virtual Reality aimed project : using the MiddleVR library with Unity for the integration of the technologies we used, Oculus Rift and Razor Hydra. This demo use positionnal head tracking thanks to razer hydra. You need to strap the left controller on the LEFT side of your oculus rift for better tracking !
Installation Instructions: 


In order to have good positionnal tracking, you should strap one controller of the razer hydra on the LEFT side of the rift. Otherwise, the tracking could be wrong and you might feel some simulation sickness.

If you can't attach the razer hydra correctly on your rift, you could try to edit config file (config_ggj.vrx) with MiddleVR (Free download here : ) and adjust offset position of hydra controller.


Team : (from left to right)

Olivier "Ades" Delbos - 3D Artist

Kevin Wagrez "Hirdannen" - Programmer

Alexandre Avenel  - Programmer

MarciJP - 3D Artist

Cécilia Lejeune - Programmer

and Guillaume Bonneau - Sound Designer


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