True Story

This is a card game with events the are positive or negative that the players can change with reaction cards with positive or negative values with every ones cards value being added up in the end. The players that have the opposite aliment to the aliment of the event they will lose a point in their character card and players with the same aliment to the event don't lose anything. The players start off at three lives but can go up to 5 lives and will die if they hit zero. The only player that gains a life after each rounds is the player who plays the highest absolute value card, with a draw negating anyone gaining a life. The players do this until every other player is gone and they win. Another things that is not required but is recommended is that the players make a story to go with the event and reactions to make the game funner.
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You Say it!
Design, Create, Play
Round and Round
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Photoshop and paint
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