Toybox Trouble

It's playtime for little Josie! Like many toddlers, Josie's favorite game is to grab two of her toys and BASH them into each other. Each player selects a toy and tries to win by bashing into the other hardest. Creep forward and back to move, dash into your foe to attack, or dash back to dodge. Hover in the air and avoid bashes (or attempt to slam down on your foe) but be careful: if a toy gets too close to Josie's mouth, she's going to start chewing on it! Keyboard controls Player 1 controls Walk forward - D, Walk backward - A, Dash forward - E+D, Dash backward - E+A, Hover – W (hold), Slam – S (while in air), Select character – WASD (navigate), E (select) Player 2 controls Walk forward – Left arrow, Walk backward – right arrow, Dash forward – Enter + left arrow , Dash backward – Enter + right arrow , Hover – up arrow (hold) , Slam – down arrow (while in air) , Select character – arrow keys (navigate), enter (select), Or use the included JoyToKey cfg file to use fight sticks (recommended!)
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Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

Art: Jet Landis, Kei Tawara

Programming: David Or, Jason Barnes

Design: Brian Hertler, Heather Arbiter (also VO!)

Music: Gary Tunak


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