Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills is a fast paced competitive multiplayer game where two players must work together to defeat common enemies while competing with each other for the high score. The land is under attack and Don Quixote must save the kingdom! He and his squire Sancho ride together striking down terrifying foes, but Don is having trouble telling the difference between real monsters and those in his imagination. While Don charges at every monster he thinks sees Sancho must try to save as many windmills as possible. --Behind the scenes making of video: http://www.magisto.com/album/video/fXt_AwcHRAkfDnIFDA --
Jam year: 
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This is a two player online multiplayer, playable over most networks (some may be too secure for play).

Heather Dettore

Cody Kicklighter

Amy Treadway

Ken Kinnison

Rob Spessard

Brandon Treadway

Ali Wallick

Chase Bueker

Leigh Ann Kinnison

Matt McCullah

Alex Gelinas

Zack Moore

David Curtis

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