Three Blind Men

The game is inspired by the story of the three blind men and the elephant. One player controls an elephant traveling through a 3D maze, and the other players view the maze from three 2D cross sections and give directions to the player at the controls. The goal is to reach the golden vodka bottle at the finish line before time runs out, but the players must work together and be careful not to collide with the walls of the maze. Controls are: Arrow keys to rotate the elephant, and Space to move the elephant toward whatever direction it currently faces. The game can be played single player, but it was designed to be played with multiple players, one blindfolded at the controls and the rest giving that player directions.
Jam year: 
You Only Live Thrice
Can You Come And Play?
Round and Round
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The game was developed in Unity3D 4.0
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the file and run the executable.


Producer - Ryan Peterson

Network Programmer - Grant Pedersen

UI Programmer - Kyle Light

Sound Engineer - Dave Hardee

Gameplay Programmer - Alex Jensen

2D Artist - Mallory Brownfield

3D Artist - Josh Layton

Voice Actor - Justin Kuykendall


Background Music is "Edith" by Christof Spanring

Game Stills: 
Source files: