Physic based game. There are two worlds that are upside down to each other. Player must reach end of each level to survive by switching himself between two dimensions.
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iPhone, iPad
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Starling, away3d and nape engines. Whole project is made by action script 3 for air sandbox.
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Zip file contains two projects Core, and Game. Both of them must be imported to Flash Builder. Core project must be referenced to Game project. To Core work it must have reverence to starlin, away3d, nape and starling particle system engies which you can find here: starling : https://github.com/PrimaryFeather/Starling-Framework.git straling particles : https://github.com/PrimaryFeather/Starling-Extension-Particle-System.git away3d : https://github.com/away3d/away3d-core-fp11.git nape : http://napephys.com/nape-dev.swc


Grzegorz Reglinski

Szymon Maczka

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