Super To Aru Wagashi no Railgun DX

Goal: Feed the rabbit to produce enough baby bunnies. Repeat. Win the game. Gameplay: Place the Augmented Reality Target on a flat surface, then start the game. The Gameplay will be on an AR stage. Tilt your mobile device in the direction you want the rabbit to walk. A red dot will appear on the surface of the stage and the rabbit will follow it. Gameplay Elements: Rabbit : Your Character Baby Bunnies : Collect enough to win the game Cream Puffs : Small delights. Eat them to fill up your health bar and produce baby bunnies. Sakura Mochis : Don't tackle them, they will damage and stun you. Matcha Cookies : They don't hurt you, but block your path. Push them out of the way. Baumkuchen : These circular pieces of cake will roll over and damage you. Jelly Monster : He doesn't hurt you, but eats the baby bunnies. Push cookies in his way to block him. Augmented Reality: To enjoy this game, you need a printed out target image, which you can place on a flat surface. We recommend printing it in A4 to ensure a comfortable play stage size. The image can be found here:
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I am who I want to be
Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Vuforia AR
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Files will be on ftp server as soon as I find how to log into it. Can't find it anywhere.


An app version of the game is uploaded to the Apple AppStore and is awaiting approval.
Another app version for Android will be uploaded to the GooglePlay store during the week after the Jam.


Game design, Gameplay and Graphics: Chin-Ho Kwong

Game design, Gameplay and Code: Janina Woods

Game Stills: