Suicide Again

/Team Name : To Be Continued /Platform: Web browser with special plugins(Unity player) /The context of the theme: ・World who thinks he's a reality, whether the real thing? ・Suicide is a means of escapism. ・Other animals, if the world does look? /Story: One day, jumping from the roof of a building, I tried to commit suicide. But when I woke up then, I had become a dog. What to do in order to escape from the world of this dream! ? /How to Play: When the game has started, you are in the top of the building. For now, let's jump down from the top of the building. You'll be able to die. This is a game to be a different character with suicide. I do not know if I will be any character. Please enjoy the point of view of various characters. /ストーリー:日常に嫌気が差しビルの上から自殺した少年A。 次の瞬間,目が覚めると犬になっていた!! この架空の世界から脱出する方法とは・・・!?
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I am who I want to be
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)
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