Stag runner

The ancient electronic input chip STAG (Simple T-Cell-Accessing Gadgetry) was created centuries ago as a hands free location-sensitive pathfinder for citicans of Skyrocket city and is installed directly into the human brain. Back in the day, Skyrocket city was so popular, that, after a while, the government could not provide all inhabitants with accommodation anymore. Hence, streets were replaced with buildings and an innovative elevator system was installed to connect the whole city with pathways and passages. After a while, people complained about the un-usablility of "the ways", as they called them. Every couple of steps a new elevator had to be called and getting from A to B could take hours, even though the distance was just a few meters. The public demanded automatic pathfinder algorithms that would control even far away elevators to pre-connect the way in front of them and shorten travel times. As the story goes, the discovery and development of the system was a success story with no comparison. From invention to big scale introduction of the brain-powered controller into the city-wide elevator system, only two month passed. The old, deprecated direct input system, like elevator-call buttons, was immediately retired and replaced. But then, an unforeseeable problem emerged. Even though the system had been successfully and exhaustively tested with at least three test users, it could not be used by a vast majority of the public. Only a small percentage of Skyrocket City's inhabitants were able to access the chips steering command interface. The unlucky ones, who's bodies rejected the chip entirely, died slow and painful deaths. The rest didn't die of the implanted chips, but their bodies revolted and isolated the chip, rendering it unusable. It was decided that only direct descendants of the test users, incidentally all of the Chyou family, would be chosen for bodily re-modulation, since the success rate of chip inclusion was 40% higher than for the rest of the population. These "leaders of the people" would, for the rest of their lives work as pathfinders, picking up people from their homes and leading them through the cities pathway maze to the places they needed to go. Daichu, a descendent of the great Chyou people, is one of the few individuals with a T-cell mutation. Her body is capable of not only incorporating STAG, but also accessing it's elevation-steering controls. Instructions on how to use STAG have been destroyed in the tragic data loss of '79, but it was found, that the chip only works if the user keeps moving constantly and imagining their desired path as they go. Before Daichu can reliably start working as a pathfinder, she has to complete a training program, learning to access the chips controls. You are her instructor and try to compensate for her mistakes, helping her to not hurt herself too much on the way. Drag the elevator columns up and down in order to create a way for Daichu to run along. Do not let her fall down a long shaft or she might get hurt.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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