NOW AVAILABLE IN THE iTUNES APP STORE!!! A fairly creeptastic audio game about making eye contact with strangers while riding on a subway. Play the game on iOS7 with a good pair of headphones. While riding the subway. Built using Twine and ObjectiveC and the iPhone's built in text-to-speach. I will submit this build to Apple and notify when it's available via @lilwins. BEWARE: This game is very experimental and very revealing, not only about who we are as a person, but about how we interact with each other in a social setting. I will not ruin the experience, but this game should be played. And when you do, please share. XOXO @lilwins.
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I am who I want to be
Technology Notes: 
Story written using Twine. Developed in XCode. Audio provided by iOS7's AVSpeachSynthesizer class. As far as we know, this is the first game to extensively use the AVSpeachSynthesizer.
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Available in the iTunes App Store:

Requires iOS7.


Story and development by Jason Marziani, @lilwins.

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