Soul Guardians

Control the Guardians, animals chosen by Mother Earth to guide the lost souls of deceased animals. Through each character's unique traits and abilities, look at the soul pathways through different eyes to know which space to direct the souls to so they can reach gateway back to Mother Earth. -The wolf's keen smell helps you locate the gateways of each level. -The mole can scout underground to see how big the pathways are. -The eagle's flight tells you what pathways affect vertical movement. -The crab skittles around to know which pathways cause horizontal movement. Stepping on a block only activates it once, passing again through it makes the souls keep going without changing it's trajectory. After looking through the different angles, choose by clicking which point the souls should start their journey from to reach the gateway(s).
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Unzip and open the executable.


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