Slingshot is a gravity based physics game, where you control a small spaceship. you get points for being close to planets, but once you run out of fuel you lose. The Sun allows you to refuel - risking a slingshot maneuver that will throw you out of the solarsystem. The original idea was related to the theme in a manner that we wanted to allow the player ot enter his own weight and size, and use those values for the spaceship - however, that turned out to be impossible to balance within the limited timeframe. The game may be played with an XBox 360 Controller.
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Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
libgdx, java
Installation Instructions: 

unzip to a folder

run "java -jar desktop.jar" within that folder (or doubleclick the jar file, if your system supports that.


Wilhelm Brodt

Peter Petermann


see the ingame credits for attribution to external resources

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