You wake up in a cave, with no idea of what you're doing here. You need to reach the exit but some creatures are wandering in this place. Control your fears, the only way to keep going in this unwelcoming place. Face your fears, but don't reach the limits of your affordance.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
-Adobe Flash CS6 -ActionScript 3.0
Installation Instructions: 

For open the Source file :

1-Unzip "GGJ_2014_Sisters_Journey_Source"

2-Open the .fla

3-Open all of the files in the "classes" folder


For open the Game :

1-Unzip "GGJ_2014_Sisters_Journey_Game"

2-Open the "README.txt" for instructions

3-Open "Sisters'Journey.exe"

4-Play !


Team Sisters, Form left to the right :

Caroline VIC, Alexis FOLETTO, Axel PINZELLI, Johan AMEY, Véréna FAVRE, Victor CHAGNARD



Sound Designer
TILLARD Thomas : [email protected]

Game Design - Level Design
AMEY Johan : [email protected]
FAVRE Véréna : [email protected]

CHAGNARD Victor : [email protected]
PINZELLI Axel : [email protected]
FOLETTO Alexis : contact[at]

2D Artist - Animator - Character Designer
VIC CAROLINE : [email protected]
FOLETTO Alexis : contact[at]

Thanks to:

Global Game Jam 
Bellecour écoles
Lionel Chaze
All the people who supported us; family, friends and fans

Game Stills: