Silly Season

A satirical game about "creative" journalism. Your job is to manipulate photographs to the liking of your goverment and customers. Spend your hard earned money on useful things like diamond rings or Ferraris to boost your prestige. Ultimatively prestige is all that counts. Even if your manipulated photographs plunge countries into war. Gladly this is a satirical game. We want to strenghten the player awareness of what different people, corporations or governments want us to see. The manipulation of media is a powerful tool to influence everybodys opinions. As beeing media creators we have double the responsibility to act reasonable. But: Now, please have fun playing the game. Hey, after all, it's also a very silly game ... with cats! Cheers, the team
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Created with Flashpunk and FlashDevelop
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-----=== Play here! ===-----

-----=== How to play ===-----
STEP 1 :  The headline will help you to figure out what your Client wants you to do.
STEP 2 :  Browse through your toolbox, to find the appropriate items and drag them onto the photograph.
STEP 3 :  Be Aware, that even with advanced Technology, some parts of the photographs can not be changed. So e.G. Hats and Faces will only fit on things with necks!
STEP 4 :  You can everytime submit your work or reset it with the buttons on the right. And of course, Mind the time limit, your client awaits delivery!
STEP 5 :  After your performance, your work will be reviewed and rewared with money. The Better, you matched the expectations of the Client, the more Money you will receive in return.
STEP 6 :  To show of your Status, it is important to ramp up PRESTIGE. Invest your money in the shop in luxury items, which will grant you a steady amount of Prestige/Turn.
STEP 7 :  if you liked your work, you can also save it to your Computer using the “save news” button.
STEP 8 :  Compare your prestige score at the end with those of your friends. And consider what you’ve done!



Tobias Müller

Hauke Lübbers

Dominik Schneider

Patrick Wachowiak


Music licensed under CC by:

Fionn Hodgson (BBC News Countdown Remix) &

Skipspace (News Flash)

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