The game begins with a small cutscene, unfortunately due to time constraints I was unable to import the audio of the narrator or get Scaleform to display small text to tell the player the story. Below is the narration that was to follow the opening cutscene: Welcome to the world of our little robot friend Tim. Unfortunately, Tim has been upset and sees the world differently from all the other robots. One day Tim finds a glowing orb, when he touches the orb, it brings him a small bit of happiness.. This project was developed to understand any flaws I currently have in my workflow as a 3D artist and programmer, and to see if it is possible to use the Unreal Engine to prototype a game within the given 48-hour timeframe.
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I am who I want to be
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
The game was developed using the clean install of UDK, all characters, meshes, textures, scaleform and unrealscript were developed during the event. The project itself was used to test my workflow, and to see in a pressured situation if I could achieve the goals I had set out within the 48 hour timeframe. I am please to announce that I have achieved all the goals I set out to achieve in this game. Photoshop, 3Ds Max, and Quixel's nDo2 & dDo 5 were used to generate normal map details and overlaid on high poly normals generated with xNormal, and dDo for procedural texture materials that I could use to iterate my designs throughout development. On a side note, I am an Environment Artist by trade, and as a result do not be surprised to find characters and their respective animations sub-par. Because I spent most of my time getting to know Unrealscript, there are details I left out that I wish I had more time to finish, for example, holes in walls, missing ceilings, correct Composite Dynamic lighting etc..
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Run the install, launch the game, and play (it's only a few minutes long)

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