Relativity messes with pretty much everything in space, especially high-speed territorial conflict. Networked strategic space sim combat thing. Building the simulation proved technically challenging, so the graphics being built for the game went ahead and became a game of their own, given the lack of gameplay in this Redshift. Hence the other Redshift ;)
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Custom networking library. Building the system that viewed objects based on nearest observer's relativistic state was causing problems until we realised that exceeding the speed of light in the simulation was making objects move backwards in time...
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Run Redshift_01.exe on one machine on a network.

Run Redshift_01.exe on another machine on a network.

Click "Host game" on one of the machines, then "Start game" and wait for the other player to join.

Click "Join game" on the other machine, then click "Find sessions" and wait for the sessions to populate. If you can see a session, select that session and click "Join game". If no sessions appear, click "Join IP address" and enter the IP address of the host machine. If you still can't connect, test the network connectivity and/or firewall setups.

Once the game starts, you'll be presented with a set of 3 ships that you can select and control with the mouse (LMB drag select, RMB hold to thrust). The enemy ships won't be visible yet, they're several light-seconds away from your closest ship and will appear as your ships close the distance and/or time passes. Experiment with the time dilation effect (and try to move faster than the speed of light in the simulation) - unfortunately this is all you can do... Ships will be destroyed when the move outside of the screen.

Hit escape to end a session and return to the main menu.


Danny Day - code

Robbie Fraser - testing

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