The player controls a spirit, delving into the lives of several people, by connecting with them via their portraits hanged in a museum. This embodiment enables the spirit to perform many actions in an environment familiar to the person in question. The game combines several methods of playing: 3D movement, point-and-click features, offering puzzle games and emphasizing the element of choice. Decisions are made on the basis of the personality of the player, as well as the available information on the person being played. Based on the choices and moral decisions, the game will offer further possibilities - various personalities who have different perceptions of the world, which causes changes in the game environment (including the appearances of people) and available actions. The choices you make determine your future options and availability of embodying different persons. The goal of the game is that the soul collects enough life experience and liberates itself from the museum.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Programmers: Branislav, Alex, FGTS, Sergej

Design: Satwika, Cafiboy

2D art: Jelenagerova

Music: IRaiden (Neurokryzis)

Source files: