Perception Saga

A game where the player gains senses and capabilities that helps him evolve in an environment. Senses are represented by music variations and graphical effects. The game only uses three control keys: up, left and right (either on keyboard or gamepad). You really should play it with good headphones. Don’t forget your brain! Oh and, if you feel like the game just looped over, that’s not the case. There is three levels and you will know when you are at the end. ;)
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Jam year: 
Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Löve 2D, Lua, Milkytracker, sfxr
Installation Instructions: 

Just grab Löve 2D (version 0.9.0) from or your favorite repository and enjoy!

If you are under windows or mac os x, ready to use executables are provided.


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