Pancho and Quelito's Night of Dread

Pancho and Quelito's Night of Dread A puzzle/suspense videogame, about a little kid named Pancho and his loyal buddy Quelito trying to escape from the darkness that haunts them before Pancho´s lantern runs out. Solve the different puzzles to escape while using their unique abilities to help each other.
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)
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Developed with Unity3D (C#). Models and animations made with Autodesk Maya.

Programmers: Enrique Pérez Clavier, Giancarlo Sánchez Petitto, Carlos Romero Camacho.
Visual and Design: Santiago Pérez Clavier, Luis G. Molina.

Specials thanks to: Wayra. Venezuela for lend its facilities and to World Sound Bank Venezuela representatives for their support.

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