Orville's Tales

Orville is a natural magician, He can transform to different animals and see the different perspectives of the universe. one day becomes a prisoner for be called demon, now, Orville different levels should exceed his powers of morphology.
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Round and Round
Back to the 1885
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
<<Tools>> Audio: FL Studio, Walk Band. Graphics: ASeprite, Photoshop CS5. Engine: Game Maker Studio (Standard Edition).
Installation Instructions: 

Open "Orville's Tales.zip" file and click on "Orville's Tales.exe"

Play and Enjoy!


Sergio Almendro (Background & Level Design)

http://sergioalmendro.com  | @karakenio


DallOner Paolo (Programming)

http://dalloner.blogspot.com | @DallOner


Maria Colombo (Character & Tittle Design)

[email protected]


Henri Mata (Music & FX)

[email protected]


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