Ollie's Halloween Saga

This game is in the mind of a boy named Ollie who, as a paraplegic, has a vast imagination despite his inability. In this game, It is Halloween and Ollie is dressed up as his favorite super hero! After Ollie puts on his mask, the player will see the world through his eyes. This 2D arcade style side scroller will be played in the imagination of Ollie elaborating on the fact that children really do have a vast imagination. The object of the game will be to collect as much candy pieces as possible before time runs out. Once the time runs out, it will become dark outside and the player must run from the darkness back to the safety of their home. If the player makes it back in time, they will be able to get Multiplier points based upon how well they played the level.
Jam year: 
Design, Create, Play
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
3DS Max, Photoshop, Pro Tools, Reason


Topher Biancardi



Nick Falco

Ben Hyder

Cody Adams

Ed Burgess



Will Fissler

Levi Mcconnell

Dorian Mcdougald



Sean Flint