Nothing Is Going On

Play as the radio reporter of a fictional city, who has to report about several unnatural events, while keeping the city safe. This game is very plot-based and text-based - no "skill" required. The game has a lot of references.
Jam year: 
The Ultimate Bechdel Test Survivor
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Java required.
Installation Instructions: 

The "Executable" ZIP file contains a JAR file - unzip it somewhere on your computer and activate it.

This game uses Java and an updated version of Java IS required.



Right mouse click: Choose option / Move documents / Next screen

Enter / Space: Next screen (when able)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Choose option / Next screen

Escape: Exit the game, except for the tutorial where it will go to the next screen (very minor bug)


How To Play:

There's an in-game tutorial at the start of the game!


Lead Programer, Artist, Co-writer: Itamar Curiel

Musican: Yuval Levy

Lead Artist, Programer, Co-writer: Yaniv Cogan

Special thanks to Atlas, the Cat

Game Stills: