Not Everything is Flammable

There is a new and expanded version of Not Everything is Flammable available for free on gamejolt!! After buying everything you’ve ever wanted, you now have an urge to burn them all to the ground. Not Everything is Flammable is a game about Anti-Consumerism, Nihilism and destroying expensive things, where the only thing that matters now is keeping that fire burning. Some hints: Everything white is flammable! Try it! Keep an eye on the flames you have left before jumping. The calendar will shoot you up higher than most, but has only a single flame that will extinguish if you don't hit another white object. Plan carefully! Good luck! Have fun! Send us screenshots if you have a high-score higher than $74k (currently the highest dev high score!) Contact DAM: David Shiyang Liu: davidshiyang[at] Alex Hu: huyuealex[at] Mac Lotze: djmaculate[at] #ggj14
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I am who I want to be
Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)

Download the expanded, new and improved version of Not Everything is Flammable for free on gamejolt here:


DAM is David Shiyang Liu, Alex Hu, and Mac Lotze.

Programming by Alex Hu.  Additional programming by David Shiyang Liu.

Art by David Shiyang Liu.

Music/Sound by Mac Lotze

Design by DAM

Co-Produced by Mac Lotze and David Shiyang Liu

Special thanks to the ETC, our playtesters, the GGJ Team and volunteers, and everyone else that helped us this weekend.  You know who you are, that's right.  Don't run away.  Uhuh.  Give us those pancakes.  Thanks.  OK Bye.

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