Non-League Football Supporter

Experience the no-frills, tradition-soaked world of British non-league football. Follow the team your father followed, as they battle honestly against the odds to achieve a respectable league position. In this uniquely realistic sports simulation, you are challenged to identify which of your pre-match rituals have a lucky effect on your team’s performance. Bring your dog on away trips, try the hot meaty drink when it rains, and decide between wearing your lucky pants or the team scarf. Above all, support your side through thick and thin. We’re not interested in your sports science, fancy formations and tiki-taka passing. We support our local team. We designed the game around the idea of ritual - the separation between direct and indirect influence based on different perspectives on the same events. In real football(soccer)/FIFA/Football Manager players have direct input into the result of the games, but in reality the supporters perspective only gives indirect support. As a result we have made the world's first Football Supporter Simulator.
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Design, Create, Play
Android device
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Note that apart from the logo there are no graphics. All content is procedurally generated by an unnecessarily complicated match simulation engine. All teams are generated based on locations, potential home "stadium" names, weather, player names, stats, positions, skills and fixtures. Results are generated based on a clever AI algorithm that is adjusted based on player rituals. Some teams are procedurally generated to be "better" than others so we end up with realistic match results and therefore league standings. News stories are also procedurally generated based on a catalogue of natural language phrases taken from non-league journalism. It is definitely the most complicated non-league football supporter game that has ever been made.

Non-League Football Supporter is a game made as part of the Global Game Jam 2014. The project website is available at:

The game was developed using Android (ADT) and runs on Android devices (4.3+).

The game is released on a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence

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Design & Development
Ben Kirman

Tom Feltwell

Conor Linehan





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